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Dog in Farm

Pet Smart International Co., Ltd.

We supply premium dog chews and pet treats internationally

 Our Story 

"Bringing joy to your beloved pet is our mission!"


     Pet Smart International Co., Ltd. is a leading premium rawhide dog chews and dog treats manufacturer. Founded in 2004 by Ms. Rungsiya Sinacharoen, a concept of family owned Thai premium dog chews and dog treats manufacturing company (providing both ODM and OEM) was launched. 


Ms. Rungsiya Sinacharoen

Our Beloved CEO

     With passion for Thai pet industry and community, we have been putting our best effort to bring up high quality products that comply with the manufacturing standards (GMP and HACCP). Accredited by the Department of Livestock Development (Thailand), our production plant is certified to be able to export, nationally merchandise, and process dog chews legally. 

Our Certifications:

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     Thus, our products are made and served in accordance with the highest quality standards. We have several kinds of premium dog treats available for your buddies, which are digestible, healthy, protein-rich, and low-free. 


If you have any questions about our products or require more information,

please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.

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